Every casino game works based on the odds which never remain the same and can be defeated if you do the right things at the right time. Here are some tips for implementing your games to beat the odds and make the profits that you always wanted.

Look out for clumsy dealers

A clumsy dealer is your best friend at the casino. The professionals keep a notebook for the weak dealers who can often flash the cards while dealing with the table. This strategy can give you 6-9% edge over the house. Playing at a clumsy dealer is not a crime. All that you should do is find the right seat at the table.

Focus on the prize

Focus on the prize

Casinos know how to keep you away from the high paying tables. There are free booze, beautiful waitresses, and even bikini-clad dealers at some casinos. These tables might give entertainment for your eyes but will secretly trim the prizes. The bet wins that were 150 for a 100 will be 120 at these tables. If you are really in there for the win, you need to stay away from these party pits and focus on the real prize.

Know how long you can play

At games like roulette, the house enjoys a 5% edge. It means that if you were to play roulette forever, at some point, the casino would have all your money. Every casino has this magic number calculated and is commonly 30,000 hands. If you are running a winning streak, know when to stop so that you can keep your profits.

Exploit the laws of nature

Games like roulette use machines which can get rusted over time and can become unbalanced. The more is gets old and suffer wear and tear, the more chances it will give to certain numbers. You just need to find these machines and place the money on the right numbers.

Play big at slots

The slot machines can be costlier than the table games, and you need to avoid them. But, if you really want to play slots, choose the slots which cost $5 or more and play max bets. There is no point in playing penny slots as they have the highest house edges.

Never play keno

Keno has the worst chances of winning. The game is terrible and can have a house edge for up to 35% in some casinos. The odds of matching all 20 numbers in a ticket is next to 1 in 3.5 quintillions. It will be confusing to find out what you are trying to achieve playing this game.

Never play keno

Practice video poker

Video poker provides the maximum advantage to the players if they know how to play it right. Video poker has the paytable posted right on the machine and offers a high payoff. Try to learn this game and play at expert levels. The only reason casinos can make a profit on video poker is that players are just not skilled enough to understand the game.